We serve food "The Way It Should Be"
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Hi, I’m Heather Davis, the owner of Eden Cultures Cafe’. I’m allergic to corn and wheat does strange things to me, like give me migraines, insomnia, and mood swings. I love organic food, the dietary advice given in the Torah, and to cook from scratch. I love making the foods that we all want to eat, but without the nasty mess that man has turned things into.  Cutting wheat and corn out of my diet, eating clean meats, and organic produce, has changed my life for the better, but it’s often difficult to maintain this standard when out and about. I know others struggle with this too; not just avoiding wheat and corn, but many foods that are GMO, doused with glyphosate or fluoride, or other poisons.

I don’t actually think that it’s our guts, or even our genetics that cause our problems. I think it’s the food! I even had a dream a few years back in which a woman who called herself “Angel” showed me many foods in a house, full of bugs and worms. These foods were all grain based, like spaghetti, cinnamon rolls, lasagna, and more. The disturbing thing about these foods is that all the people in this “house” were still eating this disgusting food! She showed me this, and a baby outside, sitting on a mattress, being hunted by a vicious, black dog, and told me that the vision of the endangered baby was “just a hallucination” and that truthfully the real issue was “the seed is spoiled.”

I thought at first she was telling me I’d never have another child. My husband and I had struggled for over 3 years, had 2 miscarriages, plus 2 years of no pregnancy, so this was upsetting. I had been reading the Torah and how it said in Deuteronomy 22:9 “Do not let your seed lay with a diverse kind lest its fruit be defiled.” That verse in combination with my dream, allowed me to realize that my womb and my gut weren’t cause of the problem. The cause was the GMO’s, spoiled seed, glyphosate spray, fluoride pesticides, trans fats, and chemical fertilizers (often made from human waste).  I listened to my friend named “Angel” from my dream and tried my best to only partake of undefiled seed. We had our daughter less than a year later. I wasn’t infertile. I had been poisoned.

My goal is to provide un-defiled, good seed, in delicious everyday meals to the masses. There is no need for us to feel sick every time we eat. We need to get back to the garden, and away from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and at Eden Cultures Cafe’ that is the goal.

Food that tastes delicious doesn't have to make you sick.